A1      Satay (Chicken or Beef)
Marinated tender chicken or beef on skewers, charcoal grilled to perfection served with authentic Thai peanut sauce and cucumber sauce. 

A2 Thai Rolls (Vegetable or Chicken)
Crispy fried Thai-style spring rolls with dipping sweet and sour sauce. 

A3 Veggies Dumpling
Vegetable Thai Ravioli steamed or pan-fried with ginger sauce. 

A4 Wonder Tofu
Home-style fried tofu served with ginger sauce 

A5 Shumai
Your choice of fried or steamed Thai Shumai filled with minced shrimp and vegetable comes with special mustard sauce

A6  Veggie Tempura
Home-fried vegetables served with Thai spices served with sweet and sour sauce 

A7  Crispy Wing
Marinated chicken wings with Thai spices served with sweet and sour sauce. 

A8  Combo Platter
Try our combination of Veggie Dumplings, Wings, Thai rolls, Shumai, Shrimp Kabob, Chicken and Beef Satay 

A9  Golden Triangle
Crispy fried, ground chicken and minced Thai herb in wonton wrap comes with sweet and sour sauce.
 A10 Steamed Mussels
Steamed mussels with white wine, lemongrass, garlic butter, and basil leaves 

 A11 Tofu Triangle   $5.95


** If you have a food allergy, please inform us prior to ordering. ** 

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